Voice over Internet Protocol, how it works

Voice over Internet Protocol, how it works (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to Union freedom

Union Freedom is an IP PBX designed to meet today’s modern telecoms requirements.

A dedicated business telephone system for home and office.

The Union Freedom IP PBX lets you network and link communications between multiple locations,  it can connect an existing analogue line or analogue PaBX giving the ability to combine VoIP with older technology.

Some of the enhancements that the Union Freedom will give you are:

  • Music on Hold
  • IVR (digital receptionist)
  • Sip Trunks (unlimited)
  • PSTN Channels
  • Voicemail (with email notification to agents inbox)
  • Hunt Groups
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Queues
  • Announcements
  • Time conditions

This IP PBX is the ideal solution to any small business enterprise, stay in communication with your office whilst on the road using your smart phone, even when out of your office you can dial customers with your assigned landline number from your mobile as we all know it looks better calling from a business number sometimes.

If you have different departments maybe a sales team and technical support team the Union Freedom can assign different incoming call routes to each department, each department may need calling queues with music on hold whilst present call options to the caller, while the caller is on hold you may want to announce special offers or office hours to the caller.

You may need to dial into the office from remote locations or from home to speak to certain members of staff, by using modern smart phone apps, traditional analogue phone adapters or modern IP Phones you can easily be part of your office from anywhere so calls become free to your Office.

Our Providers for telephone numbers either for VoIP or Analogue numbers offer a strong tradition in competitive call costs combined with reliability.

Our expertise in telephone systems date back to maintaining GPO telephone lines and as we have seen VoIP systems become a major part of telecommunications, we have expanded our skills to IP Networks with our existing data cabling and traditional telephone Line expertise.

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